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How To Use A Flat Finishing Box

How To Use A Flat Finishing Box

A flat finishing box is a tool for holding drywall compound. The box is attached to a pole and is used for covering the seams between each drywall.

Of the many features attracting finishers are a smooth finish, adjustable dial, flexible rod, and speed of application. Because of this, installers are more productive. If you’re new to using a flat finishing box, you may need help.


Tips for Effective Use

The Tapepro FlatBox makes working with drywall easier, but the trick is ensuring consistency throughout the application. For best results, use these tips:

  1. Lay the blade and box wheels plane against the joints while releasing the brake lever.
  2. Apply the same pressure to the plate throughout the application while dragging the finishing box along the drywall.  
  3. Begin applying the mud at the end of the joint while holding the handle at a 45-degree angle and navigate towards the middle.
  4. For vertical joints, always start at the bottom and stop midway, then proceed from the top and go down. As you finish, avoid clumping by sweeping the flatbox away from the drywall.


The Benefits of Using a Flat Finishing Box

Using automatic drywall tools means you don’t have to use wobbly ladders and risk injury. Still, users may find several advantages to using a finishing box like:

  • Joints are seamless
  • Removes the need for stilts or ladders
  • Reaches places difficult to get to
  • Time saver

Cleaning the trowel box is easy. Wash the box after each use with either a water hose or brush. Remove all of the compound from the box and lubricate the mechanisms with machine oil.



If using a Tapetech Flat Box, you may find this system to be the best alternative to traditional methods of applying drywall compound. The tool maximizes productivity and the quality of the job.